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Learning from wireframes

How do we approach digitising a clinical workflow? After five years of building clinical systems for use at the point of care, we’ve learnt that medical knowledge and experience is vast, and boiling it down into a ‘simple user interface’ and database is rarely easy. Human clinical decision making is amazing. A doctor with 30 years experience might be making…

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The tooling that helps NES deliver

An organisation gets the software it deserves. This is from a quote I probably misheard once that has stuck with me over the past few years. You can interpret it in different ways depending on a variety of factors but in the case of NHS Scotland I like to think of it in a positive and aspirational sense. NHS Scotland…

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Mapping clinical practice

Creating a tool to record data across multiple clinical contexts from paramedics to high dependency ward rounds for a new disease and getting the ‘product’ live and integrated with cornerstone systems within the largest health board in Europe was a unique challenge. The multidisciplinary team needed to develop new ways of online collaboration to ensure successful delivery. The challenge was…

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