Designed by clinicians to help
in the fight against COVID-19

Digitised COVID-19 Assessments

The app provides a structured SBAR for performing COVID-19 clinical assessments based on World Health Organisation guidelines.

  • Removes need for paper forms
  • Intuitive SBAR format
  • Increased assessment consistency 
  • PDF summary pushed to patient record
  • Patient lookup *
  • Quality data for research
  • Mobile and desktop compatible
  • Built on highly secure NES digital platform 

* CHI lookup - Scotland only


Assessment Centres and Hospitals

The app has been rolled out to specialist COVID-19 assessment centres with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in Scotland. It proved incredibly successful with overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. A pilot is underway to test two hospital variants in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the UK.

Positive clinical impact
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System Usability Scale (SUS)
Easy to use
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The key test of any clinical tool is whether the end users feel the benefits. Critically the app has built confidence, saved time and provided consistent documentation that follows the patient. Of clinicians surveyed who are using the tool, all felt it had a positive impact on clinician care and would recommend it to others.

Learn more about the System Usability Scale (SUS)



One of the key weapons in the fight against COVID-19 is trustworthy data. All the data collected by the app is mapped to International standards (SNOMED CT) and made available via PowerBI, providing a real-time view of COVID-19 in the clinical setting.


“We developed this tool to support clinical staff looking after COVID-19 patients, both in the community and on daily ward rounds. It aims to improve patient safety, provide insight into COVID-19 and aid in clinical decision making.”

Dr David Lowe

Dr David Lowe

Emergency Medicine Consultant and West of Scotland Innovation Hub Clinical Lead

“One of the most satisfying aspects of this work is realising the huge amount of talent that exists ‘in-house’ within Scotland and specifically in our NHS teams. We can spend a large amount of money on external consultants and software vendors but should look to further strengthening what we have, where there is proven delivery capability that brings real value for Boards.”

Dr Andrew Winter

Dr Andrew Winter

Joint Clinical Lead for e-Health, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

“Since launch last week the experience so far has been hugely positive, with staff involved finding the app intuitive and time saving to use, and the PDF print out is extremely useful as an insert to the ED notes for the in-patient specialties at the moment.”

Dr Alan Whitetlaw

Dr Alan Whitetlaw

Clinical Director, QEUH Emergency Department

“This tool has given our staff greater confidence when dealing with this new disease through a structured approach when assessing people attending our assessment centres. Using the app ensures key symptoms and signs of COVID-19 are identified and highlighted to clinicians.”

Dr Stuart Sutton

Dr Stuart Sutton

Clinical Director of Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership

“There’s a consistency in terms of the data stream and the data collection, and a transferability of that data across all areas. It’s intuitive in terms of how you use it.”

Dr Neil Howie

Dr Neil Howie

Emergency Medicine Consultant, QEUH

“The new Covid 19 Clinical Assessment tool is an example of a successful national collaboration to help frontline services deal with Covid-19. NHS Education for Scotland is extremely proud to have played a part in producing something with tangible benefits to health and care staff and we would like to thank our partners for coming together to make a real difference to people in Scotland.”

Professor Stewart Irvine

Professor Stewart Irvine

Chief Executive of NHS Education for Scotland

Frequently Asked

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Yes, all the project partners are committed to helping others to deploy the application. We firmly believe in helping all staff on the frontline.

Absolutely. There are some Scottish specific integrations including: user authentication, patient lookup and PDF summary to the patient record. However, the core tool can be adopted anywhere.