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Clinical Assessment Tool

As part of the Scotland response to the global coronavirus an SBAR-style COVID-19 assessment tool has been developed to be used across paramedic, emergency department, specialist assessment and treatment area, clinical assessment centre contexts to improve situational awareness, decision making, safety and handover.

The application allows clinical assessment data to be collected at the point of care, in real-time and in a structured format. Capturing the data in a structured way means it can provide immediate analytics to clinicians, clinical leaders and senior managers and can also be integrated with other systems very easily.


Using the app

If you are a staff member of a participating health board in NHS Scotland you can access the app directly from TrakCare. Check out the video introduction.

If you are interested in using the app in your local hospital, health board or even nationally, please get in touch at

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Answers to some commonly answered questions

Yes, all the project partners are committed to helping others to deploy the application. We firmly believe in helping all staff on the frontline.

Absolutely. There are some Scottish specific integration including: user authentication, patient lookup and PDF summary to patient record. However, the core tool can be adopted anywhere.